Brainstormed from the amalgamation of two words, Enlightening & Force, ELORCE stands out with its unique features. Elorce is a next generation computer, mobile, gadget that will interact with users through their Voice Commands.

Right from switching on a device to shutting it down, Elorce will perform all input & output actions based on Voice commands. Users can also manually perform these actions.
The human voice is known as a mirror which reflects a person’s attitude and feelings. Voice of the person tells his/her state of mind and health condition.

Over the next few years, automatic speech recognition will play a crucial role in using computers and keyboards will be like the horse and buggy. Voice recognition software can improve efficiency and productivity


We are all fascinated by the ability to talk to a computer and get an artificial mind talk back to us. Imagine, we talk to a machine and with only our voice command it to make the desired dish appear out of the air. It looks a great idea, but will it happen, and can we experience it. Today, we are a lot closer to those fantasies as our latest version of this software is reaching our lofty expectations. It is somehow hard to believe but it is true. When you say something and watching the screen as computer hears your voice command, it will begin to do it.

Voice-activated technology is all about speed and volume. It can dictate memos, invoices, orders and any other communications with an ease that has never been seen before. There have always been innovators in the market who would ahead of their competitors by adopting new technologies.


  • Currently, all electronic gadgets are text based.
  • Users have to provide input via typing on the keyboard.
  • Typing is a tedious process now a days and people are resorting to using SMS language even in professional letters.
  • Which Leads to neurological problems in the fingers and wrists.
  • Tiresome ways of work style leading to heart & brain problems


  • How about a voice-based system?
  • Are the present-day voice apps sufficient?
  • Are the apps able to understand the "dialect" of the user?
  • How do you feel if you have a gadget which is voice based & understands?
  • Your language your tone, your commands?

Voice Based Gadget?
Is It Possible?

Are you omnipresent to make things possible everywhere on time? Certainly not. But artificial intelligence has shown the light to walk anywhere virtually and do it. No matter where you are, this speech recognition software would help all walks of life simpler and easier. It is a phenomenon in technology to deliver cutting-edge performance. Here, at Elorce, your voice will be the vital tool. As people are using Alexa, Google Home for songs, news and games, the next move would be to have gadgets which would do work using voice.

Today, when we call most large companies, a person doesn't usually answer the phone. Instead, an automated voice recording answers and instructs you to press buttons to move through option menus. Many companies have moved beyond requiring you to press buttons, though. Often you can just speak certain words (again, as instructed by a recording) to get what you need. The system that makes this possible is a type of speech recognition program -- an automated phone system.

People with disabilities that prevent them from typing have also adopted speech-recognition systems. If a user has lost the use of his hands, or for visually impaired users when it is not possible or convenient to use a Braille keyboard, the systems allow personal expression through dictation as well as control of many computer tasks. Some programs save users' speech data after every session, allowing people with progressive speech deterioration to continue to dictate to their computers.

How are we different?

We are developing a voice-based gadget, which will recognize the user DIALECT(most important).

This gadget will serve the market as Mobile, Desktop, Laptop and a Tab.

Wow factor is the” Voice to Actions” command between the normal gadget and Elorce.

Pricing comparison with existing devices in the market vs Elorce with mind blowing features.

High performance gadgets delivered. Classifying features for basic users to tech savvy enthusiasts.


In a world full of rush hours, when we attend meetings at work place, we pen down Minutes, we type at rocket speed to catch up the action points. Not always, we keep track of important points and miss few of them and may not be able to add them later. To solve this problem, we are introducing our Smart Artificial Intelligence Driven Software, Log Meeting.

Log Meetings helps you perform the following, saving your time and making sure you record rightful and important minutes