Shape the future of many spheres resulting to an un precedented amount of data

The emergence and growth of IoT has provided new transformations to the digital world. We at Elorce constantly advance through the gates of new technologies to stay connected with different verticals. The IoT has started to shape the future of many spheres resulting to an un precedented amount of data. Businesses can now take advantage of our IoT solutions to enhance their end user experiences and capitalize on the services to improve their operational efficiencies.

We work on

  • Smart Cities
  • Home Automation
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Entertainment Automation
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Security Automation

Our IoT grounded home automation solutions empower clients to operate systems for music, video, lights, climate and security through smartphone, tablet, touch panel or keypad. We intend to give our customers a bundle of joy by building solutions that enhance their comfort and security at home.

We develop smart city infrastructure and comparable applications that help in developing policies to improve infrastructure, safeguard long-term growth, build energy efficient surroundings and ensure security and safety ethics. Our smart city solutions have helped several societies to make the best utilization of capitals by enhancing their eminence of life